The property was given third reading for rezoning to C7r (Central Business Commercial - Residential Tenure Only) in November, 2021. 

On completion of the approvals process, Future Zoning  will be UC1r (Downtown Urban Centre – Rental Only). The draft Kelowna Zoning Bylaw has identified that the new zoning will be UC1r once officially approved and adopted. The purpose of this new zoning aligns with the current C7r zoning, in that “the purpose of this zone is to designate and to preserve land for developments of the financial, retail and entertainment, governmental, cultural and civic core of the downtown while also encouraging high density mixed-use buildings.”

Rezoning and Development Permit approvals are required to facilitate the proposed development plan.  Appelt/Wexford will complete the required Rezoning, Development Permit and Development Variance Permit approvals following the City's standard process.  All applications must be approved by Council.  The variances that will be required as a part of this plan include a variance to the allowable height and a minimal variances to the maximum floor plate sizes to facilitate an attractive and functional design.  Additional information on the design rationale, design updates and proposed variances can be found in the "Policy Rationale" section of this presentation.

Concept Development & Land Lease/Purchase Arrangements COMPLETE
Pre-application Community Consultation COMPLETE
Rezoning and Development Permit Application - COMPLETE
Community Consultation - COMPLETE
Council Consideration - COMPLETE
Public Hearing/3rd Reading - COMPLETE
Neighbourhood Consultation (Building Form & Character & Variances) - WE ARE HERE
  Council Consideration/Final Approval (Summer 2022)
Construction (approximately 30 months)