Parking - to accommodate residential, retail/commercial and community uses - will be provided within the podium, on three levels. Parking variances are not being requested.  Bicycle parking - to meet or exceed bylaw requirements - is also being provided.  

Vehicular access to the site will be from the existing laneway to the east of the property.  Access to the underground parking (including visitor parking) and loading access has been designed at the south end of the existing laneway, limiting the amount of vehicular activity connecting to Smith Avenue adjacent to the Kelowna Public Library.

A Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) is a requirement by the City of Kelowna for the rezoning of this property. Because the property is located within 400 meters of a Provincial  Highway, the TIA will be reviewed by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure in the context of regional traffic flow information. This review is not expected to yield requirements for additional infrastructure improvements.

Ground Floor Plan